A Year Ago Right Now…

Precisely a year ago, at this very hour, I was arrested.  At that moment, sitting in the drunk tank, I kept alternating between “I’ve ruined my entire life” and “this is most likely a bad dream and I will wake up soon.”

The truth is, a year removed from the DUI arrest, I am somewhere in the middle.  The DUI arrest was, unfortunately, not a dream.  And its implications are all too real.  But it is also has not been the end of the world.

A year removed, I am still deeply remorseful for my conduct, but thankfully, I am still around to ponder the consequences of drinking and driving.  And there have been some unexpected benefits that have come out of this awful decision — I am approaching a year of sobriety.

Sleeping in your own bed sure beats attempting to kill hours in jail before arraignment.



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